Farm Updates

Catterson Farms has taken a bit of a break this year with our produce as we’re figuring out how to manage two small children and one with a few special needs. We did not plant a garden this year, nor did we purchase any new chickens.


Our ducks: Sadly after a lot of sickness back and forth, one duck passed away. We had tried everything we could but no local vet was willing to see a duck. So we came up with our own things, including antibiotics but in the end the duck died. We thought this was the male duck “Donald” but it turns out we had sexed them wrong – as expected. So our Daisy turned out to be a Donald and currently lives in an old chicken coop. Did you know how absolutely disgusting ducks are? Seriously, the worst. And this is only one duck. I cannot imagine more. Yuck.

Chickens: We’ve lost three total this season. We suspect due to a fungus. We’re upping our care and changing some things around to better care for them.

We have a new member of the family – not a baby but a puppy! We’ve had two corgis in the past – BonnieĀ  we raised from a puppy and Luna who was rescued, they both passed away within the last two years and we miss them a lot. We still have our other dogs but there’s nothing like a corgi. Amazingly, we found a local breeder (TN Corgis) and picked out Pippin. He’s absolutely the opposite of our two laid back corgis. It’s as if we have four children instead of three! We hope to have him be as amazing as Luna was but I think it’s going to take far more training.

The Spring will bring more hens – hopefully some Silver Laced or Barred Rock – those are my favorites.We still have eggs but the volume has reduced and our bantam’s are producing more than our RHRs.